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Today: Apr 24, 2014
WHY CHOOSE US The Archint Design Build Advantage The Archint Design Build Advantage


 The Archint Design Build  Advantage

 archintdesignbuild advantage

We, The Archintdesignbuild, have the principles, or values, come first and set the foundation for the essence of the business and our entire value proposition. The unmatched combination of capacity, performance, and commitment are the Archint Design Build advantage, and it is built on a number of factors :


Experience, Teamwork

We, The Archintdesignbuild, have extensive design and construction experience in hospitality, commercial, industrial, educational, and medical office buildings. The Archintdesignbuild's experience includes projects won in competitive bidding, negotiated projects (including working with the owners’ design team in a design-assist capacity), and our Integrated Design Build projects.

This capability allows The Archintdesignbuild to ensure quality, scheduling and competitive pricing.



We, The Archintdesignbuild, ensure the highest quality work through our training programs and controls, and The Archintdesignbuild develop an individual quality assurance program customized to each job. One measure of The Archintdesignbuild's success is the substantial portion of business The Archintdesignbuild get from repeat customers.


Accurate Budget,

We, The Archintdesignbuild, offer Value Analysis and Budget Management. The Archintdesignbuild are uniquely qualified to provide innovative value engineering and accurate budget pricing with The Archintdesignbuild's wealth of experience in negotiated projects. The Archintdesignbuild strive to produce a quality product in the most efficient and cost effective way possible. The Archintdesignbuild's estimating process provides clear, accurate estimates that are easy to review and analyze.

Excellent Subcontractor Relations: An experienced project superintendent provides daily, on-site supervision and keeps project engineers and top management updated on progress. The Archintdesignbuild's track record of positive working relationships with qualified subcontractors allows The Archintdesignbuild to command their best prices for The Archintdesignbuild's clients.



We, The Archintdesignbuild have a stringent safety program, which minimizes time lost to accidents and helps The Archintdesignbuild secure reduced insurance costs. It all adds up to additional savings for The Archintdesignbuild's clients.


Professionalism (people, process, principles)

The quality, integrity, and attention to detail that go into every our project are direct reflections of the people at all levels of our company. The Archintdesignbuild's team are the best people and has undergone many valuable experience for continual professional improvement. The Archintdesignbuild's management team is committed to personal involvement in all major projects, and are supported by qualified estimators, project managers, and superintendents.

The important ingredient in The Archintdesignbuild's recipe is people. Not just people though, the right people.
The Archintdesignbuild first look for people to fit the style. That is, people who align with The Archintdesignbuild's principles, or values, and can thrive in a process-oriented environment.


Speed, Efficiency

We, The Archintdesignbuild, develop, adopt, deploy, refine, train, and reinforce process - proven systems, procedures, and  guidelines for most everything The Archintdesignbuild do or even think about doing. These proven, documented processes and procedures allow The Archintdesignbuild to achieve uncommon efficiencies. These efficiencies result in the delivery of design services, construction services, repair and maintenance services that are faster, better, and less expensive than our competitors. So The Archintdesignbuild win and the customers win.